Shivery Shakes (L-R)  Chris Ritchie (bass), William Glosup (vocals/guitar), Jack Thornton (guitar), Marcus Haddon (vocals/drums)

Shivery Shakes (L-R) Chris Ritchie (bass), William Glosup (vocals/guitar), Jack Thornton (guitar), Marcus Haddon (vocals/drums)


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about shivery shakes

shivery shakes are a band from the deteriorating destination city of austin, texas. they released their debut album 'three waves & a shake' in 2015, and are currently recording their sophomore LP.

shivery shakes make surfy pop tunes, but carve out their own voice in the depths beneath the undertow, in a weird coral of tangled melodies


“Though it may feel too soon to get nostalgic for summer, the reverb-tinged guitars make it hard not to recall sanguine beach days.”

— Consequence of Sound

“Their playing abilities and charm are apparent right from the start.”

— Austin.com

“They’re taking their love of jangly guitar music to a new level.”

— Texas Monthly

“Shimmery hooks and beach side harmonies await you. There isn’t a bad vibe in sight, the beer is cold and the breeze is mild. Take off your shoes and stay a while. The only downside to Three Waves and a Snake is that the 10 tracks eventually end. Facts of life, man. Unlike a summer romance, though, you never have to say goodbye. Just flip that record over and start it all again.”

— Sly Vinyl

“Shivery Shakes doesn’t mess around with the lo-fi garage-pop formula, yet the Austin band achieves a rare bittersweet charm.”

— Time Out New York

“With a single like the one here, we’re anticipating a serious hit. The embodied sounds of the track give us a ’60s take at surf-rock which leaves us feeling like we’re at the beach no matter where we give it a listen.”

— Hilly Dilly

“Four piece pop machine Shivery Shakes surfs like a revved-up Real Estate on March’s eponymous EP, a jangly sampler filled with all the optimism of a summer fling.”

— The Austin Chronicle

“Their take on retro pop is delightfully developed yet maintains a youthful spirit.”

— The Aquarian

“Already established as one of the city’s most promising acts, Shivery Shakes solidify that reputation on their debut LP. Standout single “Hold On” boasts a bright, Ventures-like retro vibe and kicks off a lineup of tight, up-tempo beats, breezy ’60s-style harmonies, crunchy reverb and slick surf-pop guitar riffs. ”

— Austin Monthly

“As for keeping summer eternal well into the winter season, sounds like these guys got things right the first time.”

— Consider Collective

“Austin’s Shivery Shakes are a breath of fresh air — their Three Waves & A Shake delivers a bit of jangle, a bit of twang, a bit of roots rock, a bit of surf, and plenty of reverb and polish.”

— When You Motor Away